Grounded in Maine

73: Amy's Look Back at the Year, and Upcoming Changes and Episodes

December 05, 2023 Amy Fagan
Grounded in Maine
73: Amy's Look Back at the Year, and Upcoming Changes and Episodes
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Show Notes

This is my 2nd December - wow! This is a toughie, as I'm in a bit of a tender place these days, but most of this year has been pretty amazing, and I have so much to be grateful for - namely the incredible people I've had the honor of speaking with and learning from, and the great folks who keep the social media lively and a fun place to hang out - I love getting to know you all!
The end of the year has taken a turn I hadn't expected, and I'll be making some changes of my own, but I don't intend to change much in terms of the podcast, BUT I do have some thoughts of things I'd like to incorporate, in light of my current life situation, starting with a Menopause Panel, to discuss this taboo subject that leaves us feeling broken and crazy (these are my words - it's possible that everyone doesn't feel this way, but they might) and just not knowing what is happening in their own body. I think this would be helpful for for anyone who interacts with people who are experiencing menopause, so don't think it's aimed at anyone specific. If you'd like to be on this panel, or add anything to be discussed, please be in touch with me. I'm feeling the need to be loud about this, and also bring to light other personal sustainability topics, so send me your ideas.
The year isn't over yet! I've got some super interesting folks these last few weeks, and into the new year - don't miss out!
Thank you for being with me this first full year of podcasting - I'm loving this so much!

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