Grounded in Maine

42: Margaruette Seguin is Leading the Next Generation of Earth Lovers

April 18, 2023 Amy Fagan
Grounded in Maine
42: Margaruette Seguin is Leading the Next Generation of Earth Lovers
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Show Notes

This was so beautiful, I'm just sharing Margaruette's own words - and this is why I wanted so badly to have her as my podcast guest!
" An important part of creating a more environmentally sustainable future is building relationships between the next generation and the non-human world. These relationships are fostered when youth have the opportunity to explore and meaningfully engage with nature. From my childhood to present day, Maine’s forests, beaches, and natural resources have nourished me physically and emotionally. Having had the privilege to experience the benefits of these things has made me eager to both protect them for and share them with those who will come after me. This creates a beautiful chain reaction: sharing the magic of the natural world with the youth I work with connects them more deeply to that world and makes them more likely to share in my desire of protecting it."

I met Margaruette at Replenova Farm Store, where I shop and make jam, and I was smitten with her instantly, and would change my plans if I heard she was around - literally. You'll hear more about her in the episode, and hopefully will totally get why.

4H University of Maine, where Margaruette is working now

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