Grounded in Maine

44: Everett Hanmer: Discovering How Sustainable We Are Naturally!

May 02, 2023 Amy Fagan
Grounded in Maine
44: Everett Hanmer: Discovering How Sustainable We Are Naturally!
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Show Notes

I met Everett Hanmer virtually at a Numospect Media event during Podfest, an international podcast convention, and I was drawn to his love for movies, even though I'm not a big movie watcher; but Everett is the Podcast Host of The Plot Twist Podcast, all about movies! I'm totally hooked on the podcast; sometimes feel like I'm living vicariously and I'm fine for him to do all the work, and sometimes I regret not playing closer attention to Hollywood. I highly recommend The Plot Twist - available everywhere!
I invited Everett to be my podcast guest, and he said "I'm not really that sustainable, but my sister is;" but then the more he thought about it, kept adding things to his list, and he sounds kind of like a sustainability superhero to me - or at least a great example - and a really fun guest. Listen to the full episode here!

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