Grounded in Maine

BONUS: "To Which We Belong" Documentary Discussion with Director Pamela Boll

April 23, 2023 Amy Fagan
Grounded in Maine
BONUS: "To Which We Belong" Documentary Discussion with Director Pamela Boll
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Show Notes

I was so excited about the chance to help promote this powerful documentary To Which We Belong, Directed and Executive Produced by Pamela Tanner Boll, and also felt a little intimidated about the subject, so I called on Adam Cohen to help me make the most of the opportunity - so I have TWO guests for this special episode! 
This is Pamela's 3rd documentary that she has put out as Director and Executive Producer.
Quote from the website about the film: "The result of regenerative agriculture & ocean farming is more abundance of healthier food all without the need for antibiotics or synthetic fertilizers.

Healthy land, water, and animals = healthy humans."

Pamela was so generous with her time, and sharing this extremely important and urgent message. Please click all the links to  learn more, and SHARE this wide - people need to know about this message, and what we can do to support this movement.
To access the documentary, click this link:
Pamela's statement about the documentary is here:
Documentary full screening guide is here:

Adam Cohen was a guest on episode 30 of Grounded in Maine Podcast. He had a business growing 800 lbs of gourmet mushrooms weekly, and teaches his school students how to grow different types of gardens . He specializes in all things urban agriculture, and was the best possible co-host I could've had for this conversation. Go back and listen to episode 30 here:
You can follow Adam on Twitter here:
Check out his YouTube gardening hacks and tips here:
Adam's website is here:

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