Grounded in Maine

45: Respect For The Earth With Equinox Climbing's Noah Kleiner

May 09, 2023 Amy Fagan Season 1 Episode 45
Grounded in Maine
45: Respect For The Earth With Equinox Climbing's Noah Kleiner
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Show Notes

Noah Kleiner blew my mind so many times during our conversation, and now I can't see him for "a climber," because he is so much deeper-

Noah's work is teaching people rock climbing and ice climbing, but also to respect and appreciate the complexity, and also the simplicity of the world. Noah lives in awe of his surroundings and it's so inspiring to hear about! Literally, I could listen to him tell stories about his experiences for hours!

Noah's business, Equinox Climbing, is out of the Camden, Maine area, but they do climbing adventures anywhere (Acadia National Park anyone?), and they offer summer camps for the young people also!

Noah's Instagram page
Equinox Climbing website (check this out!)

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