Grounded in Maine

47: Get Outside with Amy Bushatz of Humans Outside Podcast

May 23, 2023 Amy Fagan
Grounded in Maine
47: Get Outside with Amy Bushatz of Humans Outside Podcast
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Show Notes

I was stopped in my tracks when Amy Bushatz told me about her project Humans Outside 365 - it was so simple, yet we all have times when we need a break, and basking in the sun just changes your whole outlook, right?

Amy has her own podcast called- you guessed it, Humans Outside. She has done a lot of research, and has talked to so many people (she's got over 300 episodes published!) about the benefits of outside time, and will tell us about just a few of them in this conversation, and, more importantly, what brought her to this place in her life to make this choice and spend so much time talking about it.

Amy is a journalist by trade, and moved her family from Tennessee to Alaska without even visiting. She documents each day/outside 'session' with an Instagram post, so definitely follow her there!

Amy Bushatz and her family since we talked have traveled to Hollywood, CA and the White House to promote a documentary that they were involved in - again, you'll have to check out her Instagram posts to get caught up, but get a good look at Amy and her passion for outside in this episode!
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