Grounded in Maine

Feng Shui Master Krystal Holm on Designing a Sustainable Lifestyle

June 06, 2023 Amy Fagan Episode 49
Grounded in Maine
Feng Shui Master Krystal Holm on Designing a Sustainable Lifestyle
Grounded in Maine +
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Show Notes

Krystal Holm caught my eye easily with her beautiful one sheet, as I'm trudging through making my own up, hers looks so professional - and a sustainable lifestyle just sound so perfect, doesn't it? I was very curious to learn more!

Krystal has a fascinating history that I'll let her tell, but she's currently a Feng Shui Master, and has a very specific plan. I just love her story of getting to where she is! Please give a listen here to learn more about her!

Her business is called Designed Life Studio, and she's offering a free gift for listeners at this link here:

If you'd like to work with Krystal, you can schedule a one on one call with her by booking at this link:

Krystal's YouTube channel is here:

You can find her on Facebook here:

And she's on Instagram here:

Krystal's website is here:

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