Grounded in Maine

Full Time Soap Making with Jackilyn Arteaga

June 20, 2023 Amy Fagan Episode 51
Grounded in Maine
Full Time Soap Making with Jackilyn Arteaga
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Show Notes

I love Jackilyn's story of how she started making soaps, for so many reasons!
Jackilyn Ann Arteaga is the Owner of Ann Bath and Beauty Boutique, and she is BUSY! I love that chemical free soap is such a popular item - it gives me hope for us! Jackilyn makes chemical free soaps and bath products in her home in Illinois. She also makes her own house cleaner products, but she doesn't sell that- yet...

Jackilyn is offering a limited time special discount for my listeners! If you go to her website/Etsy store, type the word Maine in the Apply Shop Coupon Code under your cart at the end, for a sweet deal!

You can see what Jackilyn's up to on Instagram here:

And Facebook here:

And on TikTok:

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