Grounded in Maine

Happy 1st Birthday to Grounded in Maine Podcast!

June 21, 2023 Amy Fagan
Grounded in Maine
Happy 1st Birthday to Grounded in Maine Podcast!
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Show Notes

Wow - I'm so excited that I've officially been a published podcaster for a year! Thank you to all who have listened, been a featured guest and taught me, those who has given feedback and encouragement, been part of my community - thank YOU for the opportunity to share this message of sustainability! 

This past year has been nothing short of life changing. I was asked to have a documentary Director on my podcast to promote regenerative agriculture - little old me; a newbie podcaster! I was given the opportunity to sell Amy's Garden Jam to Broadway! I was just invited to host a table at an upcoming conference of Social Workers to share my message of sustainability and community! And I've gotten to meet such stellar people in the podcast space, and in podcast guests! 

I'm just a whole lot of grateful for this past year of growth, and am looking forward to continuing to serve and learn to be a better steward of this globe that we call home. 
I've had people ask me what my favorite conversations have been so far, and every single person I've spoken with has added to my world in a different way, and there's no reason to make it competitive. It's all so valuable!

Here's to another year of sharing stories of change and working toward community sufficiency, friendship, and learning!

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