Grounded in Maine

53: Fred Horch Talks About His Sustainability Handbook and Store

July 04, 2023 Amy Fagan
Grounded in Maine
53: Fred Horch Talks About His Sustainability Handbook and Store
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Show Notes

I had Fred Horch in my mind from the moment I started considering a podcast about sustainability, since I knew that he had a store that carried a ton sustainable home items, and his political ventures were in support of the constituents. Fred owns an energy company called Spark that works with businesses in Maine to update old and  inefficient systems. He also volunteers with our local Rotary group, and at Maine's Common Ground Agricultural Fair, managing the attendees' composted items. Fred's store, FW Horch not only sold goods, but offered free advice how to use the items sold, and how to add other updates - so cool!
Fred is an excellent example of sustainable living, and is a wealth of knowledge -Mainers are lucky to have such great leadership in this field!
This is a longer episode, but I did cut out a little bit to try to be as close to 1 hour as possible; there was just so much for Fred to cover! You can catch the full conversation on YouTube!

Find what Fred's up to at his website here, and subscribe to his handbook to get so much info how to be more sustainable in different ways:

Fred is also on Facebook here: 

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