Grounded in Maine

55: Cool Your Sweats With Cathy Rust

July 18, 2023 Amy Fagan
Grounded in Maine
55: Cool Your Sweats With Cathy Rust
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Show Notes

WOW, did I learn a ton during this conversation! Cathy Rust and I talked about so many things menopause related, and just people who run hotter would benefit from some of this. We talked about fabrics that are better for your skin and why, and the nightgown that Cathy designed for forks who suffer from night sweats.

Cathy Rust's specialty is in Green Building, so she learned about fabrics in that area, but it sure has come in handy in this venture! 

I was telling my husband about the nightgown and the conversation about fabrics, and he asked if there was a t shirt - instead I bought her pillowcases, so I'll report back-

You can find Cathy on Facebook here:

She's also on Instagram here:

Cathy recommends checking out this link for more info and support around menopause

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