Grounded in Maine

57: Merge Impact's Ben Adolph and Beth Robertson Martin Talk Food Sustainability

August 01, 2023 Amy Fagan
Grounded in Maine
57: Merge Impact's Ben Adolph and Beth Robertson Martin Talk Food Sustainability
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Show Notes

Wow, this was an eye opening conversation for me! I realized that my expectation of food sustainability is very childish (child-like?), thinking that just growing good food and making sure that everyone can eat is all we need to know. Ben Adolph and Beth Robertson-Martin are the Co-Founders of Merge Impact, and they are crunching data to assist farmers in this food system "situation" that we're in, and thank goodness for that! There is really so much more to growing food on a large scale, and what growers have been doing for many years is not nurturing the earth, so Merge Impact is encouraging change to heal the earth, to provide more nutrient dense food for everyone, and to create biodiversity. Listen here to hear them say it better than I can!

I was also happily corrected with Beth's answer and Ben's agreement about what sustainability means to them, and I agree wholeheartedly!

SO much great info shared - listen in to this great conversation here!

** NOTE TO FARMERS: Please check this out - this is a FREE service to farmers of all sizes!**

Check out Merge Impact's website to learn more: 

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