Grounded in Maine

58: Author Liz Shipton On Exploring the World In a Sailboat

August 08, 2023 Amy Fagan Season 1 Episode 58
Grounded in Maine
58: Author Liz Shipton On Exploring the World In a Sailboat
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Show Notes

Liz Shipton's story is a fascinating one; she's a musician and author, and her partner is a sailing instructor, so they bought a boat and are spending 3-5 YEARS sailing the world. So far they're almost 2 years in, and she's published several books out of a 9 book series. Oh, and they have their dog Ayloy, with them, too (sorry I called her Loki - that's the boat's name)!

Liz's books are based loosely on their adventures, and also on climate change; which she'll talk about how that's affecting this adventure... Book one is called Salt, and is available on Amazon/Kindle, found here:

I love stories like Liz's, because her love of the earth and the beauty that surrounds her also motivates to take better care of it. (There is a method I'm working toward). Sailing the world is an education in many ways, and she seems to be taking it all in-

You can find Liz Shipton on TikTok here:

Or on Instagram here:

Her sailing adventure Instagram page is here:

Liz's Facebook page is here:

And her website is here:

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