Grounded in Maine

59: Get Crafty, Not Trashy with Liz McDade

August 15, 2023 Amy Fagan
Grounded in Maine
59: Get Crafty, Not Trashy with Liz McDade
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Show Notes

I was excited to get to talk with Liz McDade, because I'm a daydream crafter, but don't give myself time to learn to do new things. I had no idea who I was speaking with, though! Liz is no joke on the crafting and sustainability front! Check out this link of speaking events she's done!

Liz is also SO easy to speak with, and I love that she is so real about perfection. She has a shop where you can buy some crafted low-waste items, but she is moving toward teaching these days, which is an extra gift, to learn and keep the skills you've learned!

AND, for any old school TV fans out there, Liz and her brother have a podcast where they watch the TV show Columbo 1 episode at a time and talk about it - it's called Trench Coat, Cigar, Peugeot: Wandering with Columbo!

Here's the link to listen to her podcast!

Liz's YouTube channel to learn how to craft a more sustainable life:

Liz's Instagram page is here:

And her website is here:

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