Grounded in Maine

60: Less Junk, More Journey, With Michael Andersen

August 22, 2023 Amy Fagan
Grounded in Maine
60: Less Junk, More Journey, With Michael Andersen
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Show Notes

Gosh, did I have a great time talking with Michael Andersen about living in his RV! Life is so much more than living in an RV, though, and that's where it got really interesting. I want to leave you with something to gain from listening, but know that Michael has quite the story, and is making the most of this time now. I'm hoping to get to meet him in person when he travels to Maine this fall!

Michael is a website designer, and also created a website for his fellow Nomads, to help them find farmers' markets and good food, and to share great places to travel and see, as well as a way to connect with others. Check out

I was so impressed with how much thought Michael had invested in this adventure, and how much his life has changed, living in a 180 square foot RV in the best ways - listen here for details! (sorry about Rudy the Rooster in the background - he was also loving what he was hearing!)

You can follow him  on Facebook here:

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For Pinterest people, he's here:

And if you're interested in his website skills, he said you can find him everywhere @thatandersenguy

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