Grounded in Maine

61: Smart Recycling and Less Household Waste with Julia Goldstein

August 29, 2023 Amy Fagan
Grounded in Maine
61: Smart Recycling and Less Household Waste with Julia Goldstein
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Show Notes

Julia Goldstein is a real gem of a human, and I'm so glad we connected!

Julia is an author in Washington state and lifelong learner who loves to explain complex subjects, who also is very passionate about sustainability, and she combines the two things to help us to get to the bottom of the mysteries of recycling and other areas - how awesome is that? She's written a few short books to explain recycling and composting, and she has a blog where she offers updated information on things she's currently excited about. If you subscribe to this blog when you check out her website, she offers a really great gift!

In Julia's own words: "I believe that our society needs to change how we make all kinds of products, and individuals can influence businesses through our buying decisions. I can share the changes I have made in the past 5-10 years as I've learned more about packaging, composting, recycling, and similar topics."

Here's Julia's website: (don't forget to subscribe to her blog! Also check out the amazing book offers in the sustainability realm)

You can connect with Julia on Linkedin here:

Julia shares a blog post where she talks about Rainbow Chili here:

And the link for the Sparketype quiz to see what your personality type is is here:

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