Grounded in Maine

65: Sustainable Sensory Toys and More With Jennifer Stalley

September 26, 2023 Amy Fagan
Grounded in Maine
65: Sustainable Sensory Toys and More With Jennifer Stalley
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Show Notes

I loved this conversation with Jennifer Stalley, whose life is  just so interesting! Jennifer lives in California with her spouse and daughter, loves horses and gardening and works in marketing. She came to a stark realization during the Pandemic that sparked  Meemzy Magic toys. She was purchasing sensory toys for her daughter who was very young during the Pandemic, since everyone was home all day, but still had to work - she decided she was able to make them herself, in a more sustainable way, that was every bit as entertaining, if not more so. She tells this story SO much better than I do, so listen in here!

Jennifer is a Kindred Spirit, and just so aware of her responsibilities when it comes to the future, and shares some startling stats that blew my mind.

You can check out sensory toys and kits at Meemzy Magic here: 
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She's on Instagram here:
Check out her Youtube channel here:

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