Grounded in Maine

Bonus: Happy International Podcasting Day! Special Episode Joined by Amy Lewis

September 30, 2023 Amy Fagan
Grounded in Maine
Bonus: Happy International Podcasting Day! Special Episode Joined by Amy Lewis
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Show Notes

Happy International Podcasting Day, everyone! To honor the incredible community that podcasting is, and the amazing small world that I apparently live in, I recorded a fun episode with my new podcasting friend Amy Lewis, who also lives in my town, and has a super awesome podcast called Pop Culture Retrospective, to honor her older sister, who she lost a few years ago. It's such a fun podcast, and I've wanted to be wanted to be a guest on her podcast since I started listening, so this was a dream! Amy is the best host, and knows SO many facts about pop culture! I remember our first real conversation - I had commented on a few of her episodes previously, but she commented on my episode about Springworks Farm in Lisbon Maine, and said one of her students worked there, and she was happy to learn more about it, and my brain was spinning in so many directions, thinking that this podcaster that I'd been following could be local--
Amy quizzed me on 90s trivia, and 90s pees, I let you down, I'm so sorry. In my defense, I was attempting to appreciate country music in Utah, and working in the 90s, so not really in "the scene" (like I was in High School lol), but Amy didn't tell me I sucked...

Please find Amy and Pop Culture Retrospective where you listen to podcasts - her website is here
She's also on Instagram here:

Amy is also an amazing photographer! She photographs families, Senior photos, head shots, real estate, Air B&B, you name it!

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