Grounded in Maine

67: A Conversation with Tony Napolitano, CEO of Maine Community Solar!

October 10, 2023 Amy Fagan Episode 67
Grounded in Maine
67: A Conversation with Tony Napolitano, CEO of Maine Community Solar!
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Show Notes

You guys, this is a big deal - for me, at least. I think that solar energy is such an easy way to harness energy - it's just a big investment... BUT - have you noticed the huge solar farms on the side of the road over the last several years? We're talking about those today!
Tony Napolitano  didn't say "I'm the CEO of Maine Community Solar," when he filled out my guest form, but I'm so glad it was him I got to talk to- he was so great, and has so much passion for his business. Maine Community Solar's job is mainly education, so they're ready for your questions! Their goal, and community solar in general, is to set up folks who don't have the means to have a full solar array, or don't own their home, to be able to enjoy the benefits of solar energy, and to engage more renewable energy in the regions. I'll let him tell you more - just listen in! I had a huge AHA here, and I am on fire right now!
Please listen in!

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