Grounded in Maine

68: The Mother Thrifting Queen Dida Lang

October 17, 2023 Amy Fagan
Grounded in Maine
68: The Mother Thrifting Queen Dida Lang
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Show Notes

I was all in to hear that Candida Lange was thrifting for a business, and I couldn't wait to hear all about how that worked, but when we were talking, she opened up this WHOLE other beautiful can of worms that changed everything for me. I cannot wait for y'all to hear how much heart Dida has for supporting thrift stores and church/yard sales and why. She has the best comeback story I've heard in a very long time, if ever, and how she is using it to empower others and change the world, has changed me, and I hope it will you as well.
Dida grew up in, and lives in Nebraska; she was a model and actress, and is currently a Style Coach - but not just any Style Coach - she's styling with thrifted clothes - how awesome! She has 3 sons and a wonderful husband, and loves her life.

Listen here for to hear it from her!

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**It is October, which is Domestic Violence Awareness Month - please remember to be kind to others - you don't know what they might be facing. If you suspect Domestic Violence, or if you are a victim, please reach out to my friend Veronica Life at Purple it Up for Domestic Violence Awareness - 
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