Grounded in Maine

Sustainable Preparedness Talk With Brekke Wagoner

October 24, 2023 Amy Fagan
Grounded in Maine
Sustainable Preparedness Talk With Brekke Wagoner
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Show Notes

Brekke (rhymes with Becky)  Wagoner's message with Sustainable Prepping is a little different than others and I'm so here for it! She's talking about preparing for a disaster or emergency, and just having a little extra to fall back on, to ease your mind in times of stress. In her own words, "With global climate change impacting our weather to be more intense more often, having an emergency preparedness plan isn’t just for doomsday preppers. It’s common sense and will allow you to be confident in the midst of a crisis."
 Of course for me, growing up in the Mormon church, preparedness is taught, so I get it, and a lot of older generations may as well, but her aim is the younger generations, to teach that calm in the midst of crisis to the next generation as well. Listen here to learn more - I promise it's fun!

Brekke is really active on the socials, so check her out!

 Her Instagram page is here:

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She has an awesome YouTube channel, too!

And her website is here, with courses, links and inventory trackers, etc!

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