Grounded in Maine

71: A Conversation with Author of The Groundcover Revolution Kathy Jentz

November 07, 2023 Amy Fagan
Grounded in Maine
71: A Conversation with Author of The Groundcover Revolution Kathy Jentz
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Show Notes

Oh my gosh, this was such a fascinating conversation with Kathy Jentz! I learned so much about ground cover, talking about her new book that's out called Groundcover Revolution, and she also loves talking about Urban Gardening(her previous book is about this), since she lives just outside the city in Maryland, and her gorgeous cats - you know I love checking out everyones' cats (check out the YouTube video to see them all - they're huge and stunning!)! She told me about saving lettuce seeds, which is something I've been wondering about for years, and taught me about lettuce seeds in general - GAME CHANGING stuff!!

Kathy is a really busy lady! She's written 2 books, publishes the monthly Washington Gardener magazine (and award winning publication for Mid Atlantic growers!), and has for many years, is President of a number of flower clubs - OH, and she also has a podcast! It's called Garden DC Podcast, and she focuses on a different plant each week! I love so much that she took the time to talk with me - I feel so much smarter just after that little bit of time with her- you can, too - just listen here!

Kathy's website/blog account is here:
Washington Gardener Instagram Account:
Washington Gardener Pinterest Account:
Washington Gardener Facebook Page:
Washington Gardener on Twitter/X
Washington Gardener YouTube Channel
Kathy's podcast, GardenDC, which is in the top 5 of Home and Garden Podcasts with Goodpods!

And check out her books!! here's a link to - she's got the first 2 listings:

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