Grounded in Maine

72: Learning About a New Homesteading Journey with Kathryn Garland

November 14, 2023 Amy Fagan
Grounded in Maine
72: Learning About a New Homesteading Journey with Kathryn Garland
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Show Notes

Kathryn Garland is a super energetic mom, spouse and newer homesteader who is so real, and in the best way - I love how she lays it out. I also LOVE that she's in British Columbia. Literally on my tiny bucket list of 2 places I need to go someday! She shares a great message of start where you are and expand as you can, which is so simple, yet really works for everything, right? So profound. At least for me. 

Kathryn shares their beginning story, which is only about a year and a half, and how insanely quickly they scaled up (she's not an "ease in" type of person), and how that's working. She's also about to release her podcast, called Homespun, which I'm SO excited for! She said November 20, so be on the lookout - I sure will be!

We do touch on some of the harder parts of homesteading (animal death), so I want you to be aware if you're extra sensitive to that. I needed a second to compose myself, but it's part of the journey, and it happens and is important to be prepared for.

This is part of Kathryn's  Instagram Bio: " Home based living (food, education, homesteading, healing) Loving life and simple pleasures"

I love that so much! Simple pleasures - so profound!

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