Grounded in Maine

Replay: A Touch of Creativity to Change Everything with Philomene Cauchois

November 21, 2023 Amy Fagan
Grounded in Maine
Replay: A Touch of Creativity to Change Everything with Philomene Cauchois
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Show Notes

Philomene Cauchois  is just the most graceful, easy to be with person, and I could've spent hours talking with her. Philomene has her own podcast called Une Touche de Créativité Pour Tout Changer (A Touch of Creativity to Change Everything), to help people to find creative, fun ways to reduce waste and to just tread lighter in the world, and I'm here for it! She's been updating her own website to be ready for this episode to air, knowing that my listeners are mainly English speaking, and she's prepared some really wonderful things, including some of her favorite, regularly used recipes to share! Philomene is practically zero waste, even with 2 sons and a spouse, she makes almost everything, or buys from neighbors or local farms, she repurposes, gardens, homeschools, and really focuses on being light with her footprint. She lives in France, in what looks like a fairytale place called Chanteloup (which is now on my travel bucket list)

Philomene puts out a weekly newsletter that we can subscribe to here: this also gets you the free recipes, including her fermented ketchup!

Her facebook page is here:

And her beautiful Instagram is here:

They are both in French, so you can practice, or just close your eyes and enjoy the peace that her language and posts bring.

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