Grounded in Maine

77: FarmDrop CEO Hannah Semler Talks about Farming, Food and Community

January 02, 2024
Grounded in Maine
77: FarmDrop CEO Hannah Semler Talks about Farming, Food and Community
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Show Notes

I am so thrilled to share this conversation with you guys - I have wanted to have Hannah Semler on the podcast since the beginning! I'm a big fan of FarmDrop - I'm both a customer and a vendor, and I love having the ability to try items from several different local farmers that are bringing their product practically to me! Hannah will say it better, so I'll leave her to it.

Hannah also hosted a podcast called What is American Food, because she is so passionate about the origins - AND she was working with a food  waste rescue group as well. She also started a FarmDrop delivery program for Seniors who are homebound, so they, too can be nourished by our skilled farmers.
Listen to the episode for more about all of this, and why Farmdrop is so important to her!

Hannah and her trusty sidekick Barley travel the state of Maine together,  making sure things are organized and operating smoothly when customers come to pick up their goods. There are several dropoff/pickup Hubs throughout the state, and trying to get the vendors' products spread to other hubs than the one closest to them can't be easy!
You're going to love Hannah - I can't imagine not loving her passion for what she does!
Call to Action: I'd love to share this episode wide, and see if we can get some interest in other areas of the country for FarmDrop! Do you know of an area lacking a farmers market, or are you interested in being a FarmDrop vendor? The reach is WIDE with these products!

FarmDrop website is here - check out all the options available at different locations, and see how cool it would be to start your own or be part of one! Reach out to Hannah with inquiries about FarmDrop!

Farmdrop is on Instagram and Facebook as @farmdropus

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