Grounded in Maine

75: Your Story, Your Purpose, With Brenda Simmons

December 19, 2023 Amy Fagan
Grounded in Maine
75: Your Story, Your Purpose, With Brenda Simmons
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Show Notes

I was recently a guest on Brenda Simmons'  podcast Be You: Your Story Your Purpose, and getting to know Brenda was such a nice time, and we really bonded over so many things, so we decided to continue the conversation over here. Brenda has so many things to talk about, like growing up close to her grandparents and learning from them, and the internships she did at school, how she's feeding her own family... we learned that we were both in Utah at the same time (I was only there for a year)!

Brenda's podcast is fairly new, and she's doing so well with it - 2 episodes weekly! She has really great topics to encourage women/people to find their own story to share to help others. Here's the link to it:

I just loved this and had to keep it - from the guest form:
Is there a specific message you'd like listeners to come away with?
"If you don't have a relationship with earth, you won't want to take care of it. It starts with connection."

You can find Brenda on Facebook here:

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