Grounded in Maine

76: Jen Joray's Move from City to Eastern River Farm

December 26, 2023 Amy Fagan
Grounded in Maine
76: Jen Joray's Move from City to Eastern River Farm
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Show Notes

I know I keep saying that this episode is SO good, but I really feel like it is - and this conversation is no different - I had such a great time talking to Jen Joray of Eastern River Farm - I loved hearing their process of going from city dwellers to farmers, because I feel like it's a dream of many - at least mine, but I have a feeling that others are feeling it, too. So this can be somewhat of a 'blueprint' of a path - or an example of how it can be done - and successfully! They are teaching their daughters all the aspects of the farm, and have them assist with as much as possible. The farm business is mainly wedding flowers - did you see that coming? You may want to consider after listening to Jen talk about them!

Jen and her husband were doing their best to provide for their 2 daughters as teachers in Massachusetts when her Chemist husband one day came home and said " I think I need to be a farmer." And so they made that happen. But the journey wasn't instant, which is helpful - she documents it well, for anyone wanting to follow their lead...

Jen is an educator through and through, and has done SO much research into soil amendments and animal husbandry and planting and what plants work well, and ALL the farmy subjects, and, educator that she is, would absolutely LOVE to have to opportunity to share the info and experience that she's gained - seriously! Reach out to me, or reach out to her with any questions, and if she doesn't know the answer, she'll want to learn, and will find the answer for you!

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This is the last episode of 2023 - thank you so much for listening! Happy Holidays!
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