Grounded in Maine

79: Talking with Tessa Terry of Alchemy RV Renovations!

January 09, 2024
Grounded in Maine
79: Talking with Tessa Terry of Alchemy RV Renovations!
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Show Notes

I approached Tessa Terry on Facebook when I saw her post about her RV renovation business Alchemy RV Renovations because I was so intrigued - then I followed her on Instagram - oh my gosh, if you're on Instagram, you need to follow her! These RVs are 100% renovated and made brand new on the inside, and she shines them up on the outside, too! They go from basic , and possibly used and run down, to roomy and luxurious when Tessa is done with them!

Tessa has been in this business for about 2 years - TWO YEARS. She is booked up this year already! She has had several requests to renovate RVs in Australia! She just has a real gift for small space design that is unmatched. Wait til you hear her tell her story - if you're listening only, I bet you can imagine my face in your head when she talks about her HS graduation...

Tessa is married, is a mom of 2, and grew up in a family that bought 'fixer-upper'  houses, and her parents have had a lampshade business for about 30 years, so she totally gets the value of working with your hands. A quote from her website: "When I was little, I used to say “If men could go to the moon, this stuff on earth is cake” - Nothing is impossible, sometimes it just needs a new floor plan."
She has designed her own life, and she's giving RVs and other rigs a new life, which is so cool.

Here's Tessa's instagram to follow:

And her website:

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