Grounded in Maine

80: Sonya Parenti, AKA Miss Love Terra, Talking About Fast Fashion!

January 30, 2024
Grounded in Maine
80: Sonya Parenti, AKA Miss Love Terra, Talking About Fast Fashion!
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Show Notes

Shoot, This moment has been a long time coming for me, and I couldn't be more happy to share this with you all - I'm such a big fan of Sonya Parenti - Miss Love Terra on Instagram, and her hard work to educate people and ask for mindfulness when purchasing cheap clothing, to be wary of its journey and consequences. I think I pride myself in being somewhat of a 'system bucker,' and fashion in general is not my thing (if you see me in pics I'm usually wearing a flannel shirt and jeans), so I enjoy this poking at the fashion worlf maybe a little more than I should...

These are Sonya's own words from my guest form:
"I’m full of enthusiasm about joining this podcast because, as an experienced professional in the fashion industry, I have a deep knowledge about the industry's complexities and challenges. I believe that transforming the fashion business is crucial in our collective efforts to address global warming. This podcast, hosted by Amy, serves as a powerful platform to have meaningful conversations and inspire change in ourselves and others. By joining forces, we can boost our impact, educating and motivating listeners to make choices that favour ethical and sustainable fashion. My goal is to use this opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable future, sharing insights and strategies that can guide us towards a greener, more responsible fashion industry."

And I just LOVED this (my fave question on the guest form)
"The message I want listeners to take away is an understanding of the impact of collective actions on the environment. The quote 'RELAX IT’S JUST ONE CHEAP T-SHIRT', SAID 8 BILLION PEOPLE, highlights that while individual choices may seem small, when multiplied across billions of people, they have a huge impact on society and the environment. It's a call to be more conscious of our buying decisions, understanding that our demand for cheap, fast fashion contributes to unsustainable practices, environmental degradation, and poor labor conditions. The key takeaway for listeners is that people have the power to change big issues with our small daily choices."
Really, Sonya doesn't need me to add  anything to this at all.  Please listen for the full  conversation!

Here is Sonya's website to learn more about her work:

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